How to download the panorama?

Homestyler Official18 January 2022

Click "Render" above to enter the rendering interface. When you have already rendered a panorama, click "Image" in the upper right corner to enter the album. Click "Panorama" above to enter the panorama album. You can download the panorama by clicking the arrow "Download" button below. You can also click "View Details" to view the panorama in the album, and when you are satisfied with the effect, just click "Download" below to download the panorama.

The downloaded panorama will be six cubed images, as well as one spherical image. If you want to share the panorama with others and let them view it as a virtual tour, you would need to click the "Share" option below the panorama and copy the link and share, in this way they can open the panorama link and view your design in the browser and interact with mouses.如何下载全景图.gif

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