Can you import underlying images/CAD?

Homestyler Official26 January 2021

You can import an underlying image to draw your floor plan from the left menu by selecting the “Create Room - Import Floor Plan” option, where you can choose a .jpeg/.png image or.dwg CAD file to import as a background image that will display underneath your design. You can also hide/delete or adjust the transparency of this background image from the bottom.

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Venture Leader GmbH13 February
nothing happens when I click on the import from DWG from CAD button!
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naomi00729 January
My imported floorplan image seems to be locked and stopped moving together with my new drawing overlay. Now the scale is off and I am unable to move the imported image and new drawing togther. What could be the problem? It was working fine before but I cannot see that any setting has been changed to cause this.
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Daria Silabrama11 February
this is not working!!!!!!
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