Sakura Model Collection - 2021/4/8 UPDATED

Homestyler Official8 April 2021

Sakura pink, the most tender and romantic color out of the palette. Different shades of pink or color schemes can transform a room with different styles: it coule be elegant, chic, or cozy, depending on your preferences. Take a look at our demo room rendered in 4K-quality resolution: a stylish pink bedroom infusing with pops of grey color and botanical elements, and an open terrace to enjoy leisure time, along with a Sakura tree as outdoor decoration.

So come check out our new Sakura Model Collection in the catalog under "Trends" (or simply search "Sakura" to look for new items).

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BunBun Ann18 April 2021
Wow so cute X3
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Maya15 April 2021
this was the nice home i ever seen
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Alyse Bradley15 April 2021
WOW. You really know how to design. Nice work!
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Agnieszka Mocarska14 April 2021
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Ran B13 April 2021
Hi Homestyler, please check out my designs. Thank you!
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Grace River13 April 2021
Absolutely gorgeous!!! This is my dream bedroom!!!!!! =D
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Yolo Interiors10 April 2021
Wow, this collection seems so "spring"!!! Love the color so much.
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Clementine M10 April 2021
Hi HS. Please check out my new design.
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Ran B9 April 2021
Thank you Homestyler!
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Clementine M8 April 2021
Beautiful collection!
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