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Shriya S - Coffee Shop 3d design renderings


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Shriya S - Coffee Shop

This coffee shop took me a long time to design, as I wanted to include lots of components to it. It had eventually started very small but as I looked at some examples, I was inspired to make it bigger and better.

Floor Plan 324.59㎡

Shriya S - Coffee Shop floor plan 324.59
Shriya S - Coffee Shop 3d design picture 324.59
Splitting up the area was one of the hardest parts, as I wanted a big lounge, a dining space, along with the kitchen and bathrooms, and even a library. So I had to map out my ideas and see where they would look the best and be easy to navigate through.

Space Showcase 10 Renders

Shriya S - Coffee Shop 3d design renderings
The patio is one of my favorite areas in the cafe, it is like an outdoor version of the actual coffee shop. There are the lounge chairs and the dining tables with chairs. The fireplace fits perfectly in between the 2 plant structures that had greenery to the place.


Bathroom 3d design renderings
The bathrooms are very simple, with black tiles and minimal furniture. I added black around quite a few of my doors so they look different from the walls.
Bathroom 3d design renderings
The vanities add a lot to the vibe of the bathrooms, with the circular mirrors, plant, sink, and hand towels. I used black plate wood to add texture and design to the actual vanity itself.

Second Bathroom

Second Bathroom 3d design renderings
I also added full length mirrors in the bathroom, to take up some empty spaces on the walls and they look good too.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop 3d design renderings
Upon entering the coffee shop, its looks very spacious and organized. A perfect place to hangout with friends, catch up on work, or relax.
Coffee Shop 3d design renderings
On the right side is the lounge area to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, maybe get lost in a book. The windows brighten up the entire room and add a great view outside.
Coffee Shop 3d design renderings
On the left of the kitchen is the dining area. A great place to come enjoy food with your family or friends. I placed all the tables and chairs neatly near the walls keeping in mind that there should be space to walk.
Coffee Shop 3d design renderings
The dining area is equipped with full length windows to provide maximum sunlight and a great view. This area also leads to the washrooms and the door outside.
Coffee Shop 3d design renderings
I added this library as a place where someone can space themselves from the crowd and noise and relax and read a book. This area is isolated from the main dining area and a bit of the lounge. My favorite part of this space is the fireplace which are attached to the bookshelves as it saves space.
Coffee Shop 3d design renderings
I placed an opening in the wall leading to the washrooms, so a person wouldn't have to walk the length of the entire cafe. It also makes the coffee shop easier to navigate through and less crowded near the kitchen as so many people are doing different things at once.

This home design project - Shriya S - Coffee Shop was published on 2024-01-23 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 10 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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