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Riviera Style AirBnB 3d design renderings


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Riviera Style AirBnB

Mini space inspired by Côte de Azur style. Mixing Wabi Sabi and mid century stylings with ethnic touches. This design takes advantage of the details of the original structure creating a new space arround them. It Also takes profit of the ceiling height, creating a mezzanine for the bedroom and plaster furniture in the living area to provide more storage space and hide the television. The chromatic palette is inspired by the coastal style but trying to avoid the obvious white-blue convo, opting for darker greyish blue tones. The perfect Air Bnb for costal vacations.

Floor Plan 66.67㎡

Riviera Style AirBnB floor plan 66.67
I created an open space with no visual barriers to show the amazing views from any point. I also took profit from the ceiling height to create a mezzanine for the bedroom.

Space Showcase 5 Renders

Riviera Style AirBnB 3d design renderings
You can see the amazing views from the kitchen.
Riviera Style AirBnB 3d design renderings
The mezzanine works as bedroom space. The glass floor and railing gives it an open space sensation and lighten the view. Keeping the style from the main floor the central piece is the gypsum headboard and the sculptural cabinet in the bottom of the bed. Embedded led lights in the beams.
Riviera Style AirBnB 3d design renderings
A wide space with amazing views conform the living area. The plaster furniture around the fireplace give los of storage space and hides the television that slides from inside. Wabi Sabi and mid century converge in that space creating a cozy and warm sensation keeping the luxury style.
Riviera Style AirBnB 3d design renderings
Functional kitchen with dining area. Using grayish blue tones combined with warm whites. The marbles and the tiles give the luxury touch.
Riviera Style AirBnB 3d design renderings

This home design project - Riviera Style AirBnB was published on 2023-06-10 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 5 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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