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#MedicalCareContest O.B GYN Clinic 3d design renderings


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#MedicalCareContest O.B GYN Clinic

Floor Plan 58.47㎡

#MedicalCareContest O.B GYN Clinic floor plan 58.47
The area was divided into three waiting room, room Maternity and delivery room.

Space Showcase 11 Renders

Waiting Room1

Waiting Room1 3d design renderings
Waiting Room1 3d design renderings
Most of all I like the seating arrangement along with the flooring

L&D Room

L&D Room 3d design renderings
The best part is about the curtain wall partition the flooring and lighting fixture.
L&D Room 3d design renderings
The inspiration carry me through it is about doing something new that is so challenging. This maternity room just a part of the many areas of Maternal care.
L&D Room 3d design renderings
in this image you can see natural light and artificial lighting from the room may this image so beautiful their is a pharmacy cabinet that stand out in this image because I set the camera to do just that.
L&D Room 3d design renderings
I am so excited to share this with you i look almost like a real delivery room the table and the baby warmer with draw curtain or partition white pain a natural color these area always need more lighting.
L&D Room 3d design renderings
This maternal room is so unique because of the arrangement of the beds along with monitor a real simulation.
L&D Room 3d design renderings
I like the lighting reflection and the flooring tile. it all about natural light versus artificial lighting.
L&D Room 3d design renderings
it is about the texture of color contrast combing the natural beauty of inspiration behind the Design of colors.
L&D Room 3d design renderings
I like the space I give my self to do this. I did not let my self become too open with size but just letting different area of the Medical contest guide me thru.
L&D Room 3d design renderings
The room setup color and equipment arrangement for the department usage. medical setting always need more building codes to operate.

This home design project - #MedicalCareContest O.B GYN Clinic was published on 2024-02-07 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 11 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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    Mark Henrick Smith

    Wow it was a challenge contest but that was good for me or any body who like to design or want to become a designer. doing a medical office or even renovate call for us to know the building codes color texture and the lighting. had very little time to research I just did a memory recall and went for it well as you know what is ahead or what to expect in the future if you want to be successful in what you do.

    7 August 2022