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2-roomed flat v2 3d design renderings

2-roomed flat v2

My vision of 2 roomed flat on high-rise apartment house. One kids room, one parent's room. This room planning is common for average cities in CIS countries - kitchen and dining room is a one room, and balcony commonly used as a storage room. I really love it's renders.

Floor Plan 66.01㎡

2-roomed flat v2 floor plan 66.01
This is pretty common apartment plan for high-rise buildings. One building's floor can contain from 4 to 12 such apartments (depends of entrances count and building length).

Space Showcase 16 Renders


Hallway 3d design renderings
Hallway. Connects other rooms. Has arch way and laminate floor.

Kids Room

Kids Room 3d design renderings
Kids room. Warderobe, dresser, soft bed, table etc. Pink and warm colored.
Kids Room 3d design renderings
Kids room for schcool-aged girl. She has toys on her table. Modern children prefers notebooks instead of regular books.


Balcony 3d design renderings
Balcony. Many people stores here unused stuff. What to say?
Balcony 3d design renderings


Corridor 3d design renderings
Corridor. Has a chair to help putting a shoes. Contains a mirror to check yourself up before leaving and wall clock so you realise you're not late yet.


Kitchen 3d design renderings
Pretty regular kitchen room. Done in white colours.
Kitchen 3d design renderings
Dinner table. Has a multicooker on corner if you're too lazy to cook on a kitchen.
Kitchen 3d design renderings
Left to right: Teapot, microvawe, sink with washing machine, inductiuon cooker with hood, kitchen tools and refrigerator. All you need to make or warm a food.


Bathroom 3d design renderings
A private room. Sometimes people separate toilets and bathrooms, but not here.
Bathroom 3d design renderings
Has a suitable corner shelf for shampoos and etc.
Bathroom 3d design renderings

Living Room

Living Room 3d design renderings
Adult's room. According to my idea, the long sofa transforms to bed.
Living Room 3d design renderings
Huge TV with a gaming console suitable to play from sofa.
Living Room 3d design renderings
Adult's workspace. You can pass to balcony through the door behind curtain.
Living Room 3d design renderings
Don't blame me for this alligator rug. It rules.

This home design project - 2-roomed flat v2 was published on 2022-09-15 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 16 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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