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#MilanDesignWeek Art Deco Furniture Exhibition 3d design renderings


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#MilanDesignWeek Art Deco Furniture Exhibition

Floor Plan 237.31㎡

#MilanDesignWeek Art Deco Furniture Exhibition floor plan 237.31

Space Showcase 8 Renders

This home design project - #MilanDesignWeek Art Deco Furniture Exhibition was published on 2022-07-08 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 8 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

This interior design idea has been featured in Homestyler Gallery under the following tags:

Milan Design Week
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Comments (4)

  • avatarkinga0602 @ ROBERTA GIULIETTI

    thank you

    21 June 2022


    It's very beautiful. I like the idea of the pavilion with the stands. Each area well cared for, good!

    21 June 2022

  • avatarkinga0602 @ Crivella M

    It's more like a thematic pavilion within a larger hall (the outer walls are higher) but it kinda look like a warehouse. Probably I was a little inspired by furniture stores like Ikea. And thank you for your opinion :)

    18 June 2022

  • avatarCrivella M

    Cool. Is it a furniture warehouse? I like how you staged each of the rooms. Good job. :)

    17 June 2022