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#Children'sDayContest - Children's Library 3d design renderings


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#Children'sDayContest - Children's Library

I didn't have much growing up, but my sister and I always enjoyed going to the library to look for new books, attend children's activity days, and participate in reading challenges throughout the summer. My design was inspired by those memories and incorporates pastel colors, natural wood tones, and fun places to read and relax. The downstairs is more for the younger children with an arts and crafts area, bookshelves, swinging seats, and two bathrooms. The upstairs is more for pre-teens and teenagers with a more sophisticated study area. The outside patio has more seating and a jungle gym.

Floor Plan 316.51㎡

#Children'sDayContest - Children's Library floor plan 316.51
#Children'sDayContest - Children's Library 3d design picture 316.51
I used the base template from the contest but added the second floor, formal entryway, side and back patios. The downstairs area is for the younger children to play, learn, and have a quiet space to explore while the upstairs is for the older children to have spaces to study, read, and relax.

Space Showcase 23 Renders

#Children'sDayContest - Children's Library 3d design renderings
View from the Front
#Children'sDayContest - Children's Library 3d design renderings
Side Patio
#Children'sDayContest - Children's Library 3d design renderings
Outside jungle gym for the younger children to play on.
#Children'sDayContest - Children's Library 3d design renderings
The outside seating is designed for meeting up with friends, studying together, or relaxing while the kids play.


Downstairs 3d design renderings
Looking into the entryway. There is a craft section on the raised floor which includes the art table and hanging seats. This design challenged me and allowed me to have fun with designing a library for kids that I would have loved when I was younger.
Downstairs 3d design renderings
Downstairs 3d design renderings
Main downstairs space for children to read and gather for activities. In the back you can see the craft shelves and table for kids to play and connect.
Downstairs 3d design renderings
There are two public restrooms downstairs with complementary colors from the main room. There are timeless additions to this room like the growth chart and reading tree which can be there for kids to measure themselves throughout their time spent at the library and find the new picks of the week.
Downstairs 3d design renderings


Upstairs 3d design renderings
View of the upstairs library with multiple seating areas and bookshelves.
Upstairs 3d design renderings
Study space for older children and teens.
Upstairs 3d design renderings
Relaxing study space for small groups or partners to work together.
Upstairs 3d design renderings
Multiple reading spaces in the back by the windows for best lighting.
Upstairs 3d design renderings


Bathroom 3d design renderings


Bathroom number one complements the pastel green from the main downstairs space.


Corridor 3d design renderings
Front entryway with coat hooks low enough for the kids.
Corridor 3d design renderings
Small reading nook inside the entryway for waiting for a friend or just to have a more private space.
Corridor 3d design renderings
View into the main downstairs space. There are multiple spaces for activities, crafts, and reading including the hanging seats in the front windows.
Corridor 3d design renderings
View into the back of the space. The spiral staircase takes you to the second floor where the study spaces are located.

Second Bathroom

Second Bathroom 3d design renderings


The panorama of the second bathroom complements the pastel colors of the downstairs space as well.

This home design project - #Children'sDayContest - Children's Library was published on 2022-06-01 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 23 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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