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#EasterContest - Martin 2022 3d design renderings


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#EasterContest - Martin 2022

This is the first project of this kind that I have taken on! Since I have only ever celebrated Easter in a purely unceremonious fashion, my Easter design is inspired by pastel colors, brunch, and the spring season.

Floor Plan 191.03㎡

#EasterContest - Martin 2022 floor plan 191.03
I simply utilized the room plan I was given for the project. I added a patio since Easter is typically spent celebrating equally inside and outside.

Space Showcase 4 Renders

Easter Room

Easter Room 3d design renderings


I love the play between reds and pinks in this room. I tried to utilize both of those colors as much as possible to really create a spring feel while sticking with the Easter theme.
Easter Room 3d design renderings
Intimate Dining Room - note: something went funky with the window in this room and it did not want to go back to what it looked like originally.
Easter Room 3d design renderings
View of the north side of the room.
Easter Room 3d design renderings
View of the south side of the room including the pink accent wall.

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    Nice! The dogs are adorable! And if you're a big animal fan like me
    then check out my Animalsss project!

    7 May 2022