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Mi-Ra-BEL!!! 3d design renderings


Next up in my Madrigal series, MIRABEL!!! Or if you are shouting at/scolding her, Mi-Ra-BEL!!! This room was worked on off and on and the theme slowly changed with time, but I have finished it and I really like the end result! Unlike the other Madrigal rooms I have done this one is an actual bedroom and not just a showroom! Maybe this could be what Mirabel's new room is like... Hope y'all like it and follow me!!!
~Grace River

Floor Plan 23.16㎡

Mi-Ra-BEL!!! floor plan 23.16
Mi-Ra-BEL!!! 3d design picture 23.16
A sQuArE!!! And a cool aerial photo 😊

Space Showcase 5 Renders


Mi-Ra-BEL!!! 3d design renderings
Here we have stitched into the wall Mirabel's name along with some butterflies exploring her room and a ceiling lamp made out of the broken shards of Bruno's prophecy saying she will either save the home or destroy it!!! 🤯 😄
Mi-Ra-BEL!!! 3d design renderings
On this wall we have a cute desk with flowers, a cactus, candles, and an accordian underneath. We also have the new and improved family picture of the Madrigals and a wall lantern very similar in design to the candle 😉
Mi-Ra-BEL!!! 3d design renderings
Ay, mariposas, no se aguanten más
Hay que crecer aparte y volver, hacia adelante seguirás
Ya son milagros, rompiendo crisálidas
Hay que volar, hay que encontrar su propio futuro
Mi-Ra-BEL!!! 3d design renderings
"Make my family proud!" ~ Mirabel
Mi-Ra-BEL!!! 3d design renderings


Take a stroll about the room 😊 ❤️

This home design project - Mi-Ra-BEL!!! was published on 2022-04-05 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 5 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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    so pretty

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    So accurate!!!

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    Dang looks nice. I didnt see you made a new design until now lol:)

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  • Grace River

    Hey, nobody has said anything yet, but the Spanish lyrics I keep using for the butterflies is from Encanto and it’s the climax of “Dos Origuitas” (Look it up)

    5 April