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My Dream House 2 3d design renderings

My Dream House 2

This is my dream house. It has a modern farmhouse style, my favourite. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and an office. It is designed for a family with three little girls to live in.
I inspired by the houses in America that I love.
I hope you like it, too!

Floor Plan 334.2㎡

My Dream House 2 floor plan 334.2
I tried to make a very functional floor plan that will look great not just on the paper. I tried to eliminate the corridors because I think they are just wasted space and I optimized all the spaces I had empty.

Space Showcase 18 Renders

Second Bathroom1

Second Bathroom1 3d design renderings
In a bathroom for children it's not necessary to put a shower, it is enough a bath tub, especially if they are small. A double vanity isn't necessary either but you need to think that the children will grow and they will need the space in the future.


Bedroom3 3d design renderings
Bedroom3 3d design renderings
The nursery needs to be playfull and fun, but also relaxing. A comfortable chair or even a small sofa would be great for the mothers because they will spend a lot of time there. You will change the room later.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom 3d design renderings
Master Bathroom 3d design renderings
In a master bath a shower and a bath tub are great. A freestanding tub looks awesome and you cand relax in it. Double vanities are more and more common these days.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
Typical to the farmhouse style I used for the hole house are the barn doors. They don't use much space and they look beautifull but they don't soundproof very well. It's you're choice!
And the little details make the design. Stage the room carefully!

Livingroom and Kitchen

Livingroom and Kitchen 3d design renderings
I used a wood bookshelf that matches the beams on the ceiling. They give a very cozy feel to the room, along with the fireplace.
Livingroom and Kitchen 3d design renderings
The wood from the beams is here, too on the hood and the island. It's better not to combine different types of wood because it will look busy. I put a different color on the island to be diffeent to the rest of the cabinets which are white Shaker.
Livingroom and Kitchen 3d design renderings
A big, wood table is very farmhouse. The legs are black and they give a masculine touch. Make sure you have enough seating and the dining room is close to your kitchen.


W.I.C 3d design renderings
A functional walk-in-closet is very important if you don't want a wardrobe in your master. It can keep you organize, too.


Office 3d design renderings
Office 3d design renderings
The office should have storage space for books, a big window for natural light and a big desk with a comfortable chair.


Bedroom2 3d design renderings
Bedroom2 3d design renderings
If you need to design a room for a kid, you should be careful to put a little bit of the kid's personality and make it fun and functional, too. Toys are importnat for the kid to feel like home.

Powder Room

Powder Room 3d design renderings
A powder room is a half bath. It is very good to be next to the entry so when you come in to wash your hands before you enter the house. It has just a sink and a toilet and maybe some storage.


Bedroom1 3d design renderings
Bedroom1 3d design renderings
For a natural feel, plants and organic accesories are very important. An accent wall is a focal point and you can make it interesting if you use color or patterns. Whitout it, a room looks very plane.

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