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Wellness center 3d design renderings

Wellness center

This is a couples retreat design/tableau. Please ignore the unfinished second building displayed as the yellow section in the floor plan. Also I would like to make this downloadable to other users.

Floor Plan 449.56㎡

Wellness center floor plan 449.56
I wanted to organize the building into square blocks with support structures and bathroom, toilet and shower arrangements that made sense from an engineering standpoint. Other than that, this is a detailed tableau of an exclusive spa for couples

Space Showcase 14 Renders


Bedroom 3d design renderings
I tried to maintain a consistent color and design motif in this room
Bedroom 3d design renderings


I set out this project mainly because of the ideas i had for the master bathroom but the bedroom turned out to be better looking to me

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom 3d design renderings
Using partial walls set at 4 inches to build the large shower stall separate from the bathroom. I'm sure there are other ways involving sunken ground which will yield better results
Wellness center 3d design renderings
This bathroom has good utilization of space

Equipment Room

Equipment Room 3d design renderings
This is the room where the wellness guides are kept during off time, they use it to rest while on shift rotation. The challenge was to create some semblance of privacy for each guide while each bed is in such close proximity in such a tight location.
Equipment Room 3d design renderings
Updated this location to include more items i discovered. Using curtains and a single bed with enclosed frame helps create separation and blocks off space for privacy


Kitchen 3d design renderings
Due to arrival of new guides and the limited space they have created makeshift beds and living areas inside the corners of the kitchen and hallway
Kitchen 3d design renderings
The hallway bedroom is an attempt at presenting make shift living quarters in limited space situations

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
In this tableau the wealthy couple has booked the most exclusive room available with full complement of mini kitchen, massage table, master bathroom. The bed designed from the top down view accidentally resembles an open mouth eating a cherry.
Master Bedroom 3d design renderings
I tried to adjust the slippers and model elevation so it would look realistic without clipping. Homestyler's powerful industrial level rendering is on full display in the texture and lighting of this scene


Lounge 3d design renderings
In this tableau I wanted to present the perspective of property owner and hostess for an exclusive wellness retreat
Lounge 3d design renderings
The hostess welcomes a couple of new clients who begin the selection for personal wellness guide for a day

Nanny Room

Nanny Room 3d design renderings
Madam hostess' study, office, bedroom combination with a water closet. One way mirror allows her to see into the lounge area to greet guests

Second Bathroom

Second Bathroom 3d design renderings
I am unable to get the lights bright enough unless I spam ceiling fixtures. However the scene conveys how proper item selection complements the lived-in nature of the rooms. That long towel fits perfectly with the extra long tub

This home design project - Wellness center was published on 2022-01-16 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 14 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

  • john cage

    A happy accident of viewing the renderings as opposed to 3d or roam mode shows how you can fool yourself into thinking the space is too tight. as evidence in the bathroom renderings, i kept worrying that there was no room for guests to maneuver, however renderings show there is more than enough space, even excessive space. it is important to understand the scale and objective measurement using the ruler tool

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