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#TShapedContest  White Tigers Rule! 3d design renderings

#TShapedContest White Tigers Rule!

This is a white tiger inspired apartment. I chose white tiger instead of regular tiger is because I want to introduce white tiger to more people and hope that more people will protect them. This house is designed for a family of 2 that works from home, so in the living room area I use white light since their office area is in the living room, so I think it will give them a better environment for them to work. For the kitchen I also use white light since it makes people more focus since kitchen is a very dangerous place. For the bedroom I chose to use yellow light which makes people relaxed.

Floor Plan 73.16㎡

#TShapedContest  White Tigers Rule! floor plan 73.16
#TShapedContest  White Tigers Rule! 3d design picture 73.16
This house is very open and I used some tiny poles to create sections in the house.

Space Showcase 3 Renders

#TShapedContest  White Tigers Rule! 3d design renderings
This is the living room, I put a sofa and a comfy chair in the tv area with a fake tiger fur rug. The dining room and kitchen is next the massive floor to ceiling window and a wall with a tiger portrait. This house is surrounded with plant to add s nature element to tie in with the tiger theme
#TShapedContest  White Tigers Rule! 3d design renderings
This is the bedroom area, it's open to the rest of the house, since the house itself isn't big, so if their isn't a wall, it will make the house seems bigger. This house is designed for 2 people. Their is a floor to ceiling window to bring natural light in. There is a makeup desk and a closet too.
#TShapedContest  White Tigers Rule! 3d design renderings


This is the whole house in night light render( 2k rendering).

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    22 January

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    Lol we have the same name!

    20 January

  • Ally L

    Pretty nice love the tiger wall and the plants!

    20 January

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    Beautiful green with black and white color

    20 January

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    15 January

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    This is really pretty!

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