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Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest 3d design renderings

Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest

My goal was to show the joy of Christmas through bright colors and merry decorations. In the design, I decided to include the models of various people, showcasing family and friends coming together to celebrate the holidays.

Floor Plan 69.4㎡

Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest floor plan 69.4
Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest 3d design picture 69.4
This is an open floor plan, consisting of a living room, dining room, and an area for recreation.

Space Showcase 5 Renders

Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest 3d design renderings
Lights and cheerful decorations line the entryway, providing the space with a bright, welcoming feel.
Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest 3d design renderings
The view of the dining room from the entryway shows the formal space dressed in green and red.
Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest 3d design renderings
Nearly the entire space is able to be seen from the window seat in the dining room, so everyone is always included in holiday activities.
Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest 3d design renderings
The recreation area provides the perfect space for the Christmas tree. Holiday tunes can be heard across the house as the piano is played.
Christmas Joy #ChristmasRoomContest 3d design renderings
In the living room, family and friends can relax and enjoy stories by the light of the fire.

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