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2021-09-13 0 139

Colonizers and Portraitists 3d design renderings

Colonizers and Portraitists

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Germany (1802-1858),
Jean-Baptiste Debret, France (1768-1848),
Albert Eckhout, Holland (circa 1607-1666),
Theodor de Bry, Belgium (1528-1598)
Jan van Kessel, Belgium (1626–1679),
Friar André Thévet, France (1516–1590),
José Maria de Medeiros, Brazil (1849-1925),
Tarsila do Amaral (Capivari, Brazil (1886-1973)
Claudia Andujar, Brazil
Almires Martins, Brazil
Denilson Baniwa, Brazil

Floor Plan 53.66㎡

Colonizers and Portraitists floor plan 53.66
Colonizers and Portraitists 3d design picture 53.66

Space Showcase 7 Renders

sala 2

sala 2 3d design renderings
Brazilian modernism, however, claimed that rather than being influenced by colonizing thinking, we should "eat" this influence as part of the national creative process, but not use that as a determinant of the image that one wants to produce: an idea that concerns Brazilians, made by Brazilians.
sala 2 3d design renderings
Only in this way is it possible to look unfiltered at the national territory and realize that the genocide initiated by the colonization process is not over and that these colonial images are pure fiction.

sala 1

sala 1 3d design renderings
For a long time, it was believed that the French and Dutch missions in Brazil had a purely informative character, that the painters came to Brazil only to portray, in an anthropological and purely observational way, the landscapes and the social interactions that were part of that context.
sala 1 3d design renderings
From the moment we realize that many of the stories and observations written by travelers such as Hans Staden are at least twisted to justify the violence against native populations, the clearing, and exploitation of territories colonized by them, at first as messengers of "civility.
sala 1 3d design renderings
No scientific production is without purpose, especially when the object portrayed is a subject who belongs to a community other than the European one. Brazil, until recently, was being seen through a foreign lens.
sala 1 3d design renderings


Albert Eckhout, Netherlands (circa 1607- 1666)
Retrato de uma mulher Tapuia segurando partes de um corpo humano
264 × 159 cm
National Museum of Denmark
Overview of the exhibition

This home design project - Colonizers and Portraitists was published on 2021-09-13 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 7 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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