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Simply Home Interior Designs

2021-07-10 11 125

CITY  LUXURIES  Interior Design Render


This was a very fun design to make. A lot of gold, marble, and velvet, creating the glamourous combination that you see. Lots of modern details are in this design. Very rich in texture and dipped with dark velvet highlights.... so enjoy!!

Floor Plan 227.36㎡

Space Showcase 21 Renders

Comments (11)

  • R a i n a . D o u g h t y

    Wow!! Gorgeous :)

    25 October

  • Simply Home Interior Designs @ Hana

    Thank you Hana!!

    4 June

  • Simply Home Interior Designs @ LAAL WILL


    4 June

  • Simply Home Interior Designs @ Ava Bowers

    Thank you, Ava! I hope your design gets on the gallery too!

    4 June

  • Simply Home Interior Designs @ Clementine M

    Thanks, Clementine! Congrats on getting on the gallery!

    4 June

  • Simply Home Interior Designs @ RAN INTERIORS

    Thanks, Ran!!

    4 June

  • Hana

    Wow, this is brilliant, I love this soo much, It is really spacious and I love the different textures of the walls, well done, Great job:)

    4 June


    This super cool I love how it's futuristic and white but has some warm tones!!!

    4 June

  • Ava Bowers

    This is amazing! I love the red accents. It looks lived in, and cozy and just this is amazing! I hope it makes gallery! : )

    3 June

  • Clementine M

    This is really beautiful! I love it.Well done!

    3 June


    hey it looks really good, well done, love the red and white! Canada colours! :D

    3 June