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Karen Berry

2021-05-12 9 107

living/dinning Room Interior Design Render

living/dinning Room

Tried to create a small apartment space, a first home modest interior that would be suitable for a young couple or single occupant.... no clutter...'no style'.

Floor Plan 20.77㎡

Space Showcase 2 Renders

Living and Dining Room

living/dinning Room Interior Design Render
Nicely compact, functional and with plenty of natural light.......this little apartment is just the right size for someone looking to get a step on the property ladder.

Comments (9)

  • sabrinik

    ooh bellissimo💎💎💎😍

    23 August

  • Rutchevelle Den Ouden, ND

    Welcome to the web design community from homestyler and love to see more from you dear Karen.

    30 July

  • Homestyler Official

    Hi Karen, nice to see that you are trying to build with our web version!

    1 June

  • Sara Drakito

    I see that the template no longer stretches. Yuppieee. It is so frustrating when this happens. In the end you will master web design, I am completely sure. The truth is that the graphics are much more realistic and beautiful. I want to see more of this house 🙂💞

    30 May

  • @happyplace @home @ Karen Berry

    It was all my pleasure.....and with a bit of self interest in mind 😉😜. I'm loving to have design buddies!!

    25 May

  • Karen Berry @ @happyplace @home

    wouldn't be here without you Hester.....thanks for all your patience and good natured guidence

    12 May

  • Karen Berry @ Winnie Kayhill

    thanks so much Winnie ;just so happy to be part of this great experience and i have you to thank for all your kindness and encouragment

    12 May

  • Winnie Kayhill

    Ohhh Karen!!! I knew your first design would look nothing like a first design! This is so stylish and beautiful! The skills you're showing are so beyond where I was at this point. I absolutely love the partial wall and the interest it gives to the space. Your choices are so spot-on, and so "Karen"! I love this, my friend! Welcome aboard!

    12 May

  • @happyplace @home

    Ohhh wow!!! What a privilege it is to be the first to welcome you on this design platform. We know what a very good and well advanced designer you are dear Karen and you started off with a bang! LOVE this little apartment and can't wait for more!!

    12 May