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Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render

Rapunzel's Tower

When will my life begin? Today! I have finished Rapunzel's Tower!!!! Yaaaay!!! I referenced the video ("When Will My Life Begin?") several times to get as many details as possible! There are many decorative limitations with this program, but I was able to incorporate most of the stuff Rapunzel used in the song. =D

Floor Plan 52.33㎡

A circle with a door that leads 70' DOWN!!! LOL

Space Showcase 4 Renders

Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render


The whole tower!!!! Enjoy this panorama and fell free to explore as much as possible! :)
Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render
Raps: I wanna see the floating lights!
Mother: You mean the stars.
Raps: That's just it! I've been charting the stars, and they are always constant! But these? These appear on my birthday and ONLY on my birthday!
Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render
I have to see them mother... and NOT just from my window, but in person... I have to know what they are.
Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render
The kitchen!!! Where Rapunzel makes lunch, cooks, bakes, and basically wonders "when will my life begin?"

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  • Grace River @ Ava Bowers

    I'm glad you like it! I'll be on vacation this coming week and then I start my job as soon as we get back so I probably won't post but maybe once every 1-3 weeks (Will depend on the design! LOL). Please follow me and thank you for the like! :D


  • Ava Bowers

    Awesome! I love it! I love Rapunzel so this is perfect!