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Grace River

2021-08-14 8 321

Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render

Rapunzel's Tower

When will my life begin? Today! I have finished Rapunzel's Tower!!!! Yaaaay!!! I referenced the video ("When Will My Life Begin?") several times to get as many details as possible! There are many decorative limitations with this program, but I was able to incorporate most of the stuff Rapunzel used in the song. =D

Floor Plan 52.33㎡

A circle with a door that leads 70' DOWN!!! LOL

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Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render
Raps: I wanna see the floating lights!
Mother: what?
Raps: Well, I was hoping you'd take me to see the floating lights.
Mother: Oh, you mean the stars.
Raps: That's just it! I've been charting the stars, and they are always constant! But these? These appear on my birthday and ONLY on my birthday!
Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render
Rapunzel: And I can't help but think that they’re for me...
I have to see them mother... and NOT just from my window, but in person... I have to know what they are. (Insert "mother roasting her daughter song" here)
Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render
The kitchen!!! Where Rapunzel makes lunch, cooks, bakes, and basically wonders "when will my life begin?"
Rapunzel's Tower Interior Design Render


The whole tower!!!! Enjoy this panorama and feel free to explore as much as possible! :)
🎶7 AM, the usual morning lineup:
Start on the chores and sweep 'til the floor's all clean,
Polish and wax, do laundry, and mop and shine up
Sweep again, and by then
It's like 7:15!🎶

Comments (8)

  • Grace River @ Ana Paula Castro

    Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

    3 August

  • Ana Paula Castro

    That's incredible! Very creative and precise!

    3 August

  • Hana

    Well done!!

    29 July

  • Homestyler Official @ Grace River

    Well noted on the kids' stuff suggestion! Check out our "Playful time" model collection~

    9 June

  • Grace River @ Homestyler Official

    Oh my goodness thank you! Yeah, I referenced “When Will My Life Begin?” because it had a perfect panoramic view of every angle of the tower for me to replicate! A lot of the painted stuff couldn’t be replicated and for some reason y’all don’t have a painting set or whatever as a decoration or kids room stuff. That is something you could definitely add to your models 😊 Thank you so much again and check out Ava Bowers designs she really wants to be in the gallery and a lot of her stuff is better than some designs you’ve put in the gallery before! Just sayin 😉

    1 June

  • Homestyler Official @ Grace River

    I literally searched for "Rapunzel" and you have precisely recovered the place!!!

    31 May

  • Grace River @ Ava Bowers

    I'm glad you like it! I'll be on vacation this coming week and then I start my job as soon as we get back so I probably won't post but maybe once every 1-3 weeks (Will depend on the design! LOL). Please follow me and thank you for the like! :D

    12 May

  • Ava Bowers

    Awesome! I love it! I love Rapunzel so this is perfect!

    11 May