Grace River

2021-05-05 2 39

Container Home Interior Design Render

Container Home

This whole design is a facade. Aside from the bed, table, and chairs you see through the windows there is nothing inside. This design was strictly an exterior design experiment.

Floor Plan 29378.11㎡

Space Showcase 1 Renders

Container Home Interior Design Render
To the left (top floor) is a swing and some flowers, to the right is a small picnic table and a cute tree for hosting a few guests. There are tons of windows to open up the space and adds a lot of natural light! I think the facade looks great and I love the greenery!

Comments (2)

  • Grace River @ Eveline

    LOL! I already said in the description that there is NO interior! I was just experimenting with making a cool exterior. If you want though, I could furnish it and render anyways. Sorry I only just now noticed this! LOL

    29 April

  • Eveline

    Can you please render the inside of the home? The outside is so cool!

    20 April