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Grace River

2021-04-16 1 82

Blue Dream Interior Design Render

Blue Dream

This is for all the blue lovers!!! (or those looking for a beach getaway) I asked my sister what her dream bedroom would look like and we came up with this design! The color palette is mostly monochromatic with lots of blues and some gray and black as well.

Floor Plan 31.52㎡

The classic rectangle... Never gets old.

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Blue Dream Interior Design Render
When I showed my sister this render she gasped so loud and long I was sure she was gonna choke on her own air! LOL! I really like the chandelier and the bed. The swing is a fun touch as well at the shiplap accent wall! =D
Blue Dream Interior Design Render


The room has a relaxing, peaceful vibe to it. Despite the abundance of blue, it is still a rather neutral color palette staying light and airy or dark and gray.

Comments (1)

  • Joy River

    Sweet! Love it!! Also I helped deigned it! Me- sister! Nice Job sistar! =D

    17 April