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Grace River

2021-04-16 0 67

Chic Laundry Room Interior Design Render

Chic Laundry Room

This design was inspired by a suggestion from Lwei Design! Thank you for your idea! I'm not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I wasn't given any more specific details, so I made a chic/art deco laundry room. We keep our dogs in the laundry room so it made sense for me to design a laundry room for pets.

Floor Plan 22.12㎡

The room is pretty basic. It's actually kind of large for a laundry room, but it looks better on renders to have more space.

Space Showcase 3 Renders

Chic Laundry Room Interior Design Render
If any of you have ever watched Evan&Katelyn on YouTube, you'll know they created a "Catio" for their cat Joob. Since this was a design meant to be pet friendly, I included a catio. You're welcome E&K fans.

Laundry Room

Chic Laundry Room Interior Design Render


As you can see in the pano, the walls are a black, lightly textured wallpaper featuring an accent wall in this cool black and white zig-zag wallpaper. The decor is pretty minimal, but there is a statement wall with greenery from ceiling to floor that I thought added a nice touch of color.


Chic Laundry Room Interior Design Render
This is the laundry room, but the render was taken from the hallway, so, yeah.

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