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Grace River

2021-04-16 1 82

Pink Sakura bedroom Interior Design Render

Pink Sakura bedroom

This is a bedroom I made with several of the new Pink Sakura items. I love this collection and I would say that this is the best collection ever!!! This is a simple room design with lots of pink, gold, and a dark wood armoire.

Floor Plan 23.88㎡

I started out with a rectangle then decided to play around with making one of the walls curved.

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Pink Sakura bedroom Interior Design Render
The feel of the room is Pink Sakura model bedroom. Amidst all the pink there are elements of gold and the dark wood armoire to tone it down a little. The curved wall is an accent wall with a differing wallpaper to mix things up a bit and add a nice texture to the room.
Pink Sakura bedroom Interior Design Render


I love how cozy the room feels and how the pink makes it seem so magical and relaxing. The soft fabric elements add an additional plush feel and I think the room, though very pink, is sophisticated and stylish. It's fit for a princess! I just really love this room!!! =D

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  • Clementine M

    I like the room!

    17 April