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Its Cozzz ♥❤♥

2021-04-04 6 72

parent staycation Interior Design Render

parent staycation

This took me a couple of days to do and I know it looks crap but hey!!
its only my second design XD ;)
I appreciate any1 that comments and all you tips

Floor Plan 603.86㎡

I see this as some sort of staycation near the beach. I have tried to make it modern-boho-barn and i think I need to improve on the barn aspect of it :)

Space Showcase 1 Renders

parent staycation Interior Design Render

Comments (6)

  • Its Cozzz ♥❤♥ @ Liwei 花花

    Aww thx Lwei!
    I rlly like ur designs too!!

    7 May

  • Its Cozzz ♥❤♥ @ Its Nennnn

    awww thxx 😘😘

    7 May

  • Its Nennnn @ Its Candiiiiii

    I agree! Great work!!!!! :)

    21 April

  • Liwei 花花

    look forward to more designs

    20 April

  • Its Cozzz ♥❤♥

    thxx 😘
    ur designs are amazinggg!! ♡♡♡♡♡
    thx :P

    19 April

  • Its Candiiiiii

    Heyyy this is so great!!! especially if its only your second! Keep it up :):) xx

    19 April