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2021-05-06 4 54

Modern Moroccan by Kalani Interior Design Render

Modern Moroccan by Kalani

I enjoyed doing this design over the last few weeks. It gave me the opportunity to do some research on Moroccan style and architecture. While completing this design, I made up this story to keep in mind: A young woman who was born in Morocco wants to get her California apartment renovated. Every few years she goes back to Morocco to visit her family. Each time she goes she absolutely loves the homes and the signature Moroccan textiles and decor. She comes to me to for a design that will have an updated feel and still remind her of home. Here is a Moroccan theme with a modern twist.

Floor Plan 137.27㎡

Space Showcase 23 Renders


Laundry Room

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  • Kalani Mangum @ Lwei Design

    Thank you! (I wanted to but I used most of my points for video time)

    8 May

  • Lwei Design

    WOW nice~ try increase the resolution~~

    6 May

  • Kalani Mangum @ Simply Home Interior Designs

    Thank you so much :)

    6 May

  • Simply Home Interior Designs

    This is pretty!

    6 May