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Nataluchi B.

2021-08-10 0 29

Kitchen Remodel Interior Design Render

Kitchen Remodel

The intent for the design was to create a better flow of circulation between the Kitchen, Laundry Room, and Dining Room; making them look cohesive and filled with natural light. This was achieved with a Galley layout, with a wide central corridor in which to work and circulate. Additionally, the clients requested an elegant design that would evoke some characteristics of the Art Deco style, but with a more simple and contemporary feel.

Floor Plan 71.79㎡

The location of an island in between the Kitchen and Dining areas, makes for an extra seating area with decorative pendant lighting. Overall, the decisions made in this remodel design will make a more functional, open and dynamic space with a sophisticated look.

Space Showcase 3 Renders

Kitchen Remodel Interior Design Render
Kitchen Remodel Interior Design Render

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