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Callie Miller

2021-02-04 15 118

Earthy Toned California Interior Design Render

Earthy Toned California

This is a California mansion located in L.A. The entire home's structure is made of 3D modeling and it took me a long time to complete. Thanks to homestyler for updating the catalog with beautiful 3D models every week, I was able to include the newest Trend into my design: "Earthy Tones." This is one of my favorite trends as it has beautiful natural colors, textures, and when you put it all together everything is able to flow. At first I hesitated with the black walls, but after seeing how well the furniture cooperated with them I kept them. :)

Floor Plan 1429.36㎡

The walls aren't the actual layout of the home.I just had to make it big so that I could interior model to make the structure of the home. I actually made the structure of the home huge, I mean REALLY HUGE. So, when I got a piece of furniture out I had to make it the biggest size as possible lol. :)

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Comments (15)

  • Callie Miller @ R a i n a . D o u g h t y

    Thanks! :D

    18 March

  • R a i n a . D o u g h t y

    Good job, this is incredible!!

    17 March

  • Callie Miller @ Hana

    Hana, thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate it! All of your comments mean the world to me! :)

    27 February

  • Hana

    Well done, I see huge potential in you:)

    26 February

  • Callie Miller @ Eveline

    Thank you so much Eveline! I really appreciate it! :D

    16 February

  • Eveline

    Callie, what is this? It's insanely lovely. Never have I ever seen the exterior of a kid's design so detailed and incredible!

    16 February

  • Callie Miller @ Amy M.

    Thank you! :D

    10 February

  • Amy M.

    Beautiful!! Love your choice of furniture here.

    10 February

  • Callie Miller @ Clementine M

    Thank yooouuu!!!!! :D

    9 February

  • Clementine M


    9 February

  • Callie Miller @ Doğa Kırarslan

    Thanks! It's not my best design but I still made it public. :D

    8 February

  • Doğa Kırarslan

    So beautiful👏🏻👌🏻

    8 February

  • Ran B

    Callie! This is gorgeous! You designed a beautiful masterpiece once again! Congrats! Good job :)

    6 February

  • Callie Miller @ 😶

    Thank you so much. Me too :)

    6 February

  • 😶

    WOW love it esp. the living room

    5 February