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2021-01-18 0 54

apartment Interior Design Render


Floor Plan 78.29㎡

Not done with the bathroom but you see what i'm trying to do there? I got inspiration from another artist floor plan I can't remember their user but credit to them

Space Showcase 4 Renders

apartment Interior Design Render
This is what I want my real room to look like it's so cozy innit?! There not that much space which I love, I know that sounds weird but for me the smaller the space the cozier hm not really a good place for claustrophobic people sorry hehe :/
apartment Interior Design Render
It looks comfy the only thing I have a problem with is the TV you have to crane your neck to watch your favorite shows and movies but due to the lack of space (I was going for a small apartment so this was a challenge for me but it was fun!) I couldn't really put the TV "anywhere"
apartment Interior Design Render
Honestly, I use that table to much but I love the chair and the 'little' mirror next to it I can quickly check my appearance before my online meetings :)

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