Clementine M

2021-01-14 18 1161

Penthouse 221 Interior Design Render

Penthouse 221

Bold and dramatic city apartment inspired by pantone 2021 and other home styler trends

Floor Plan 248.81㎡

Space Showcase 18 Renders

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  • Clementine M @ Alena Ryabova

    Thanks Alena! I love your designs.I will check out your new one.

    20 March

  • Alena Ryabova

    Ooooh, it's cool!
    Sometime check out vy design please =)

    15 March

  • Clementine M @ @happyplace @home

    Thank you! You a great designer.

    31 January

  • @happyplace @home

    This is really gorgeous!! Keep on designing!

    29 January

  • Clementine M @ Finnley

    Thank you very much.

    21 January

  • Finnley

    Me encanta el uso de la oscuridad con la luz natural. El uso destacado del arte también es bastante hermoso.

    21 January

  • Clementine M @ Maria

    Thank you very much

    18 January

  • Maria


    18 January

  • Clementine M @ Ran B

    Thank you very much.

    12 January

  • Ran B

    Omg!! I love!

    12 January

  • Clementine M @ Marta Ascione

    Thank you😊I appreciate your compliment.

    11 January

  • Marta Ascione

    I love the use of the color and the atmosphere! Congratulations! :)

    11 January

  • Clementine M @ Małgorzata Gawęda

    Thank you for the compliment

    8 January

  • Małgorzata Gawęda


    8 January

  • Clementine M

    Thank you. Thanks for the feedback. It's appreciated.

    7 January

  • Ryan Manuel Dayao

    Congrats for being featured. Amazing design. I love how you incorporated the color of the year.

    7 January

  • Clementine M

    Thank you so much Eveline!

    6 January

  • Eveline

    It truly is bold and dramatic. Good job!

    6 January