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Christina Jackobson

2020-12-27 0 64

Modern Bathroom Interior Design Render

Modern Bathroom

A little and modern bathroom, that includes a tub, toilet, and vanity. It has an unevenness made out of wood, and a glass pane separating the tub from the vanity and the toilet. There is a little step to get to the unevenness where the tub is found. It also includes a shelf, a little table, 2 rugs, 1 mirror, two towel hangers, shampoo, cream, etc and 3 plants.

Floor Plan 26.85㎡

There is a section for the toilet and the vanity, and another one that is located in an unevenness, where the tub is located. Both sections are divided by a glass pane.

Space Showcase 10 Renders

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