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Mirjana Nikic

2020-11-22 21 1303

#HSDA2020Residential SpaceTimeContinuum Interior Design Render

#HSDA2020Residential SpaceTimeContinuum

My Livingroom_Modern design

Floor Plan 108.29㎡

Space Showcase 8 Renders

Comments (21)

  • Marina Bruna

    Es un departamento totalmente futurista !! muy bonito!!

    16 March

  • Ahsan Khan

    Amazing design 👍👍

    5 January

  • Raina atwal


    2 December

  • Tota Tota

    nice .

    25 November

  • Mihajlo Stojadinovic

    Very interesting solutions. I like it very much.

    19 November

  • Leni Franca


    18 November

  • Patrikas Jakstas @ annabel fettes

    then yeet away

    18 November

  • Mirjana Nikic @ Mad Designs

    check this out... ... it ramains in my mind from highschool... it s the game that I play with the mirrors

    18 November

  • Mirjana Nikic @ Mad Designs

    tnx realy for your support... <3

    18 November

  • Mirjana Nikic @ SK Luxxe

    tnx <3! thats realy what it is

    18 November

  • Mirjana Nikic @ Rutchevelle Den Ouden, ND

    tnx <3

    18 November

  • Mirjana Nikic @ Lily Negus

    tnx <3

    18 November

  • Mirjana Nikic

    thank you all ... both those who like the design and those who don't. of course, everyone wants to spend their free time in an environment that suits their mental structure. yet my style is presented here. clean, clear, modern, in my opinion timeless space. thanks again...

    18 November

  • Lily Negus

    rely good it looks like a home and an offes at the same time love it

    18 November

  • Rutchevelle Den Ouden, ND


    18 November

  • jesus almiron solano

    i love the project follow me please

    17 November

  • Mad Designs

    You did a great design, don't be discouraged by some comments....

    17 November

  • Aidan Fitzroy-Kelly @ annabel fettes

    who asked

    17 November

  • DivineDesigns

    I love that u put your heart and effort into this and I respect that; however, I'm just not liking it that much.

    17 November

  • SK Luxxe

    This project is amazing I personally love the futuristic modern sleek look.

    17 November

  • annabel fettes

    i dont like it x

    17 November