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Tiny House CEA 3d design renderings


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Tiny House CEA

My design was a project that I had to do for my Civil Engineering and Architecture class where we had to make a tiny home for an imaginary client. I wanted to create a small, but efficient home for the client and I also wanted to have fun while designing.

Floor Plan 39.45㎡

Tiny House CEA floor plan 39.45
The maximum size of this house could be is 40 sq mt and my house was around 37 sq ft. I had to start with a 12*16 room which I split into the kitchen and living room. I then built basic square and rectangle shapes around the room.

Space Showcase 6 Renders


Bathroom 3d design renderings
I like the simplicity of the bathroom. It only needs a bathroom, sink, and shower, nothing too fancy. The shower can't be seen here but the overall bathroom is efficient for the client.


Office 3d design renderings
I like how the client will receive a small quiet work area when she is resting from traveling. A small simple office room is what is needed for someone who travels a lot as she needs a small place to work from home.


Kitchen 3d design renderings
I like how even though it is such a small space for the kitchen, it is still very effective with its equipment. All of the colors work together to make a theme for this kitchen.


Lounge 3d design renderings
The patio/lounge just seems like a fun outdoors relax area. If the client feels stuffed inside she can come out here and relax. This is definitely my favorite room as it has a good flow with the outdoors and I like the warm colors of the walls and furniture.

Living Room

Living Room 3d design renderings
I like this room because it is another area of the house where the client can host small dinner events with friends or family. This was supposed to be my 720° view but when I was rendering the image it would not show up when I clicked add photos.


Bedroom 3d design renderings
I like the simplicity behind this room, it meets the basic necessities a bedroom should have and it is a good place if the client needs some peace and quiet.

This home design project - Tiny House CEA was published on 2020-10-02 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 6 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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