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2020-12-12 45 3718

#HSDA2020Residential New York Apartment Interior Design Render

#HSDA2020Residential New York Apartment

I wanted to add a New York touch to this apartment, And wanted to add a little dark feeling, Black, grey etc. Enjoy!

Floor Plan 105.4㎡

It's a pretty open floorplan, with you can cook in the kitchen while talking with everyone, very useful!

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Unnamed space

#HSDA2020Residential New York Apartment Interior Design Render
#HSDA2020Residential New York Apartment Interior Design Render
#HSDA2020Residential New York Apartment Interior Design Render
#HSDA2020Residential New York Apartment Interior Design Render

Unnamed space

#HSDA2020Residential New York Apartment Interior Design Render

Unnamed space

#HSDA2020Residential New York Apartment Interior Design Render

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  • Dj Docta

    Hi Ran,
    could you please share your email contacts so that we can discuss about your projects.
    Amazing design.

    19 January

  • Ran B @ ✨Lorelei Bellamy✨

    Thank you!!!

    14 January

  • ✨Lorelei Bellamy✨

    Just sooo beautiful!! Keep it up!

    6 January

  • Ran B @ Tolu Oyesanya

    haha, thank you so so much!

    1 December

  • Tolu Oyesanya

    your designs never fail me. beautiful!

    1 December

  • Ran B @ Autumn Labarda


    27 November

  • Autumn Labarda

    Pretty! =)

    26 November

  • Ran B @ Adina Craig

    Thank you Adina!!

    15 November

  • Adina Craig

    Beautiful work!

    15 November

  • Ran B @ Max Kinsberg

    And thank you!

    7 November

  • Max Kinsberg @ Web Foot

    Yes, there is. There are currently 4 different rendering qualities: Standard, HD, and 2 Premium Qualities: Ultra HD, and 4K. It looks like this amazing project used Ultra HD rendering qualities. Hope this helps! =)

    6 November

  • Ran B @ Paul H

    Thank you!!! And the answer is yes! Everything is from the catalog!! But, there's a but.. this was the old version which means some furniture might've been removed...

    6 November

  • Paul H

    An extremely pleasing design. Are all the furniture and accessories from the Homestyler catalog?

    6 November

  • Ran B @ Web Foot

    Thanks!!! And for your question, when you render, you will have an option for UltraHD Rendering. This is what I use. It will take some HS points though. "HS is Homestyler".
    You can choose Standard, HD, And UltraHD. In the new version there is 4K. but it is for a free trial. You are probably using Standard. thats why it is fuzzy. =)

    5 November

  • Web Foot

    Looks great! I'm not an apartment person, but I would make an exception:)
    Was there any special types of advanced rendering you had to to use to get these fabulous pictures? I'm fairly new to this software and my renderings all turn out fuzzy. Is there any way to fix this?

    4 November

  • Ran B @ Nikhitha sriram

    will do!

    31 October

  • Ran B @ Veranda

    Thanks! Just takes practice!

    31 October

  • Veranda

    Great design, don't know if I could ever create something like it

    30 October

  • Nikhitha sriram

    do see my design!!.......

    29 October

  • Ran B @ Agatha Medeiros

    Thank you! Don't worry, takes practice!

    20 October

  • Agatha Medeiros

    AMAZING my designs are never gonna get at your level

    20 October

  • Ran B @ Jasmine Labarda

    Thank you.

    18 October

  • Jasmine Labarda

    Wow amazing very beautiful and unique.Also plz follow me.If you do I will follow you back!

    18 October

  • Ran B @ Emerson Meade

    Thank you! And everything is made here!

    14 October

  • Emerson Meade

    Jeez, i might need to step up my game if you made this using this website. This is amazing!

    14 October

  • Ran B @ Veranda

    Thank you =)

    And haha, I guess i forgot...

    13 October

  • Veranda

    Very Nice design, very beautiful designs and furniture. I noticed that you didn't have a stove, though Lol

    13 October

  • Ran B @ Philip Hopkins

    Oh thanks so much!!

    8 October

  • Philip Hopkins

    very amazing, I couldn't do better than this if I tried

    7 October

  • Ran B @ Simply Home

    Hey!! Thank you!!!

    29 September

  • Simply Home

    Oh this is so beautiful! I am so glad that you got on the Gallery!

    29 September

  • Ran B @ Andrzej Puczko

    Thank you. :-)

    29 September

  • Ran B @ Agente Inmobiliaria 😁

    Thank you! =)

    29 September

  • Agente Inmobiliaria 😁

    Wowww this is amazing!!!!!

    29 September

  • Andrzej Puczko

    beautiful arrangement. Would you help me design my newly bought apartment?
    If you want, please write to puczko.andrzej@gmail.com

    Best regards

    29 September

  • Ran B @ Eveline

    Wow! thank you so much Eveline! You don't believe how much that means to me! =)

    28 September

  • Eveline

    This is awesome! As a new person to this website you are my inspiration!!! :)

    28 September

  • Ran B @ 𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕢𝕦𝕖 𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖𝕤

    thank you Unique houses, =)

    28 September

  • 𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕢𝕦𝕖 𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖𝕤

    love it... why can't this be my home?

    28 September

  • Ran B @ Reading Radish

    Thank you! It sure will be a cool place to live 😎

    27 September

  • Reading Radish

    This is so cool!! :) I would love to live here!

    27 September


    thanks so much!

    27 September


    this is sooooo cute!

    27 September

  • Ran B @ Bonnie 101

    Wow! thanks so much Bonnie! I really appreciate that! Thank you! =))

    26 September

  • Bonnie 101

    Wow this is beautiful I am so glad you got featured because it deserves it

    26 September