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Paigan Trent

2020-02-08 0 65

Comfy & cool master Interior Design Render


Comfy & cool master

While creating this design, I was feeling comfortable. This is my idea of 'cozy.' I enjoy the dark colors with hints of lighter colors around the room. The yellow on the painting above the bed goes incredibly well with the bedside tables as well as some other artwork throughout the room.

Floor Plan 34.96㎡

With this design, there is only one room and this room is the master bedroom of a comfortable, cozy and a different/low-key kind of luxurious house. I do plan on creating the rest of the house/design.

Space Showcase 3 Renders

Unnamed space

Comfy & cool master Interior Design Render
My favorite part about this image/design is definitely the far right corner. It's extremely simple but I like the 'coziness' of it. The piece of art hanging on the wall incorporates yellow into the image to compliment the painting above the bed.
Comfy & cool master Interior Design Render


Here, the yellow nightstand fits well with the painting hanging above the bed. The beanbag in the corner just adds an extra place to relax.

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