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Airish Jane Cruza

2019-12-23 0 54

My Home Office Idea Interior Design Render


My Home Office Idea

I'm on a tight budget so I want to start on my sound proof office. I don't want to go home to cook food or use the comfort room. So, I need to have a tiny kitchen and bathroom as possible. I'm in love with living indoor plants and I want lots of 'em.

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Sound Proof Home Office

My Home Office Idea Interior Design Render
I'm a music lover and I want to pursue work at home jobs to pursue things that I'm passionate about such as learning how to play a piano or guitar, take online classes for calligraphy or painting without compromising my time and income.
My Home Office Idea Interior Design Render
I want a multi functional sofa/bed. I love staring outside sipping my favorite cup of coffee or maybe look for stars at night but practically typical large windows is enough for me. In the morning, I prefer natural sunlight to brighten up my room. Looking at how plants glow with sunlight - amazing!
My Home Office Idea Interior Design Render
Lighting is very important for me especially at night. I don't want my space to be too bright. I like it romantic and a bit dark. I want my home office to have that masculine and daring vibes. I'm not a bookworm so instead of book shelves I want a storage for my art works and stuff.

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