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Airish Jane Cruza

2020-01-06 0 43

Tiny House #236sqm Lot Interior Design Render

Tiny House #236sqm Lot

I love all shades of blue especially dark blue/green tone but I don't want my space to be completely dark so I kept matte white walls. Its not that I have phobia but large room just scares me especially I spend most of my time alone. I find it uncomfortable.

Floor Plan 71.56㎡

Space Showcase 3 Renders

Main Area

Tiny House #236sqm Lot Interior Design Render
I want a divider because whenever a visitor arrives they don't have to look at me while eating especially when I'm not willing to share my food at least they don't have the chance to ask for it. Just kidding but seriously, I just want some privacy without totally dividing kitchen and living room.
Tiny House #236sqm Lot Interior Design Render
Dining and kitchen is very important. I came from a big family and we Filipinos love family gatherings so much. I want hanging open storage on the walls too. I don't need too big and fancy kitchen because I want to keep a dirty kitchen outside. I love big windows not feeling stuck in a box.
Tiny House #236sqm Lot Interior Design Render
I want a multi-functional stairs with drawers underneath and cute LED lighting effects behind every steps so whenever I wake up in the middle of the night I don't have to light up the entire house but the stair lights would really give some drama and style. I'm obsessed with indoor living plants too

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