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2020-12-24 50 4732

Urban 2 story apartment Interior Design Render

Urban 2 story apartment

Floor Plan 212.84㎡

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Unnamed space

Urban 2 story apartment Interior Design Render

Comments (50)

  • Dalton Hayward

    That is amazing you have a gift!

    9 November

  • Malic Exceus

    Future Architect

    5 November

  • Munira Kadrie


    15 September


    absoulutly butiful

    2 September

  • Lucia Gc

    wooooow i love it

    29 August

  • Niehaad May

    OMG!!! your desighns are amazing and so inspirational good job

    25 August

  • Ann katina

    wow that is so beautiful

    25 August

  • Shazz

    The bathroom is crazy !!! But what a view... ^^
    I love the colors. Great job!

    25 August

  • Dan N

    Wow! So calming. It is perfection.

    21 August

  • Gresly Cartagena

    is beautifull

    20 August

  • María Dolores Martinez

    WOOOOOOW how do you maka a second floor? the name of my house is don gregorio

    8 August

  • Mônica Chaves

    Incrível! se puderem dar uma olhada nos meus projetos eu ficaria muio feliz e agradecida. :)

    7 August

  • sara leon

    woooooooooo you hause is Beautiful!!!!

    7 August

  • Lilian De Marroquin

    How you made a second floor????

    2 August

  • Designer de Interiores

    Incrivel, parabéns

    24 July

  • felaju navarro

    como se hace un segundo piso????

    24 July

  • Imey Yemi

    wow... I'm still having a hard time on how to have a second floor...

    23 July

  • Riley Larson

    SO cute! Only I am kinda new to this so I didn't know how to look at it. I agree with everybody else, has a lot of empty space.

    23 July

  • Tyriana Gates

    this is cute but there is a lot of empty space

    22 July

  • Shawn Mendes

    I like the style, but the big empty spaces could be better used

    21 July

  • Elizabeth Henson @ Sky Darling

    thank you so much

    18 July

  • Tatyana K

    Кухя супер! посмотрите мои проекты, пожалуйста

    17 July

  • Victor Pap

    BEAUTIFUL!!! great textures and light usage!

    17 July

  • Dulce Gamez

    can you guys follow me please i have 0 following me !please!

    16 July

  • Leni Franca

    poderia fazer um video como colocar segundo tentei com as janelas de sacada..mas nao ficou satisfatorio...gostaria de saber como faz um projeto com segundo andar..obrigada

    14 July

  • Sky Darling

    You can go up by holding 'q' or the up button, and down by 'e' or the down button. When you have selected an item, use the lift control to move it to the second floor. I hope that helped! ☺

    14 July

  • Hugsons

    How do you do upstairs?

    13 July

  • Christian Corridore @ Rumeysanur Ayar


    12 July

  • Christian Perez Escorcia


    12 July

  • Lily Belle

    amazing but just way too big

    12 July

  • Dulce Gamez

    i'm going to follow you your house is cute

    11 July

  • DreamLiving Studio

    Amazing work!!!

    11 July

  • Veranda

    Really amazing!!

    11 July

  • ran ka

    good job!!!!!

    10 July

  • li Arvin

    like your light use ......

    10 July

  • ciri calante

    wow wow wow wow wow

    10 July

  • Jeon Jungkook

    10 July

  • Rumeysanur Ayar

    I did exactly the same as sherlock's house! Look at my design :)))

    10 July

  • Tina


    9 July

  • Rumeysanur Ayar

    Pls look at to my designs! Iam 16 and Iam trying something :)))

    9 July

  • BRP 32

    Wow I Love It Come Check out My Latest Design

    8 July

  • Shantae

    This looks like a very sophisticated design i wish i had design skills like you its beautiful

    8 July

  • Revive Designs

    really sophisticated design loved it .....

    8 July

  • Sofía Aldrete

    can you go upstairs?

    8 July

  • -Abstract Shadow-

    It looks so real! Nice use of the "Environment" tool! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use it! :)

    8 July

  • Simply Home

    Very beautiful! I love the wood accents and the modern decor! Please check out my designs sometime!

    8 July

  • Cori :)

    Also, how do you get on the gallery?

    7 July

  • Cori :)

    absolutely beautiful. Great job. Please check out some of my designs. :)

    7 July

  • ciri calante

    wow wow wow wow wow wow

    7 July

  • ☆𝕊𝕜𝕪☆ ☆𝔻𝕖𝕤𝕚𝕘𝕟𝕤☆

    I love it! And how do you change the background of the windows?

    18 June