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Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render

Girl's Bedroom

This is a cute, girly bedroom with a walk in wardrobe, an en suite and a loft where you can soak up the sun.

Floor Plan 57.3㎡

Space Showcase 8 Renders

Walk in Wardrobe

Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render
This is a little bench for putting shoes one etc.
Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render
The dressing table....
Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render
The wardrobe has industrial style shelving and a dressing table


Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render
In this picture you can see the wardrobe through the doorway, and the stairs that lead up to the loft.

Unfortunately, the pictures of the loft wouldn't render properly, so at the moment there aren't any pics of it.......but please comment if you have any tips on getting it to work😊
Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render

En Suite

Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render
The view from the bath...
Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render
The toilet and bath
Girl's Bedroom Interior Design Render
Welcome to the bathroom.....
The wallpaper is one i uploaded, i think i found it on freepik.

Comments (12)

  • Raina Brewerton



    28 March

  • katerina Mp

    I love the wallpaper it the bathroom gorgeous design 💗💗💗

    20 September 2019

  • ❤ A s t i R a i k e s ❤

    where did you get the wardrobe shelving from? I cant find it anywhere.

    18 August 2019

  • Fern Hart

    i want that bedroom!!!

    14 August 2019

  • D.a.y.c.e Smith

    luv this👌👌😍😍❤😘
    ur da bomb designer

    14 August 2019

  • *☆angelraikes*☆

    yes sooo many🥱, and when i searched red art (cause i wanted art with red in it) it still gives you all the things that say 'art'
    they shuld add a filter to it

    14 August 2019

  • Lotus Deck @ *☆angelraikes*☆

    Haha thx, i just searched art, there are some other pretty cool ones there.
    But u have to go through HUNDREDS of pages......bit annoying😒😩

    14 August 2019

  • Lotus Deck @ ⁘KRYSTAL WYCHERLEY⁘

    Nah it wasnt fuzzy, but the loft floor rose up like half a metre, and even when i put it back down, it would still render with it really far up.......not sure whats wrong with it

    14 August 2019

  • °~ mercedes harrison ~°

    cute!! loving the bathroom 🤗 i think she did get the prints off here, ive seen two of them. When you search 'art' on the search bar it comes up with like 30 pages of art...

    14 August 2019


    wow i love your bedroom especially the wardrobe and cant wait to see the loft...about that does it go fuzzy when it uploads or when u take the photo because if it goes fuzzy when u upload it a tip is use ultra HD becuase it did it for me with my nursery so i used it and it worked and they uploaded to my page perfectly. yes i agree with angel those prints r awesome...where did u get them from?

    13 August 2019

  • *☆angelraikes*☆

    also a question.....are those art prints in the wardrobe just off here?? or did u upload them? they are so gorg

    13 August 2019

  • *☆angelraikes*☆

    i loove that bathroom wallpaper, soo awesome...🤩🤩
    for rendering, mine went munty too😡

    13 August 2019