Dominika Sass

2019-08-13 55 6119

Doma Design II. Interior Design Render

Doma Design II.

Floor Plan 195.61㎡

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Unnamed space

Doma Design II. Interior Design Render
Doma Design II. Interior Design Render
Doma Design II. Interior Design Render
Doma Design II. Interior Design Render

Unnamed space

Doma Design II. Interior Design Render
Doma Design II. Interior Design Render
Doma Design II. Interior Design Render
Doma Design II. Interior Design Render

Comments (55)

  • Tais Duarte


    25 July

  • Callie Miller

    ariane herman, same

    17 May

  • Crah

    Love it

    17 May

  • Alexandreia Sumner

    I would totally live here

    9 May

  • Savannah Gaul


    10 April

  • anonymous


    3 April

  • Hazel Walsh

    I was also wondering how you did the second story? Love the house though!

    1 April

  • anonymous @ Audrey L

    how do u go up to do the second story tho and how do u do the flooring/ceiling

    31 March

  • anonymous @ Audrey L


    31 March

  • Audrey L @ dom tett

    to make a second story, search "Beam" and there are either brown or white. you can change the length, height, and width to fit your building. then to raise the walls go to the "create room" tool and click wall setting, then you can make the walls higher to make a second story.

    3 February 2020

  • dom tett

    how do u get 2 story?

    26 January 2020

  • sophie unsinn

    its amazing

    17 December 2019

  • sophie unsinn

    can i have?

    17 December 2019

  • Adalynn Render

    I love the style
    really inspirational

    14 November 2019

  • Shahad Sidek

    love it

    6 November 2019

  • christian thomas @ orla weaver

    idk either :)

    5 November 2019

  • hayhay123

    this is a cool design.

    10 October 2019

  • Ale Alessia

    Complimenti è bellissimo! Una domanda: come hai fatto a fotografare il secondo piano? come se riuscito a salire? Grazie

    Congratulations, it's beautiful! One question: how did you photograph the second floor? how did you manage to get on? Thanks

    8 October 2019

  • @traytray481

    So amazing! Make sure you check my designs out!

    4 October 2019

  • Lulu Elefont

    looks great!
    love your style!
    make sure to check out my designs too!

    22 September 2019

  • Makenzie Lass @ Metria

    I don't think it looks deprising. I feel like they were going for a modern look, which I think they accomplished. 👍

    18 September 2019

  • orla weaver


    17 September 2019

  • Amelia Covarrubias

    in love

    16 September 2019

  • alondra rivera

    I'm in LOVE with your home!!!!

    16 September 2019

  • alondra rivera

    Tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16 September 2019

  • alondra rivera

    Your house is beautiful.....but am still wondering how can you make a second floor?????????

    16 September 2019

  • Marley @ Libby Miyashita

    libby is that u

    13 September 2019

  • Libby Miyashita

    how do you put a second floor

    13 September 2019

  • ariane herman @ ariane herman

    I have made the second floor just wondering how to put furniture up there

    9 September 2019

  • ariane herman

    how do you make it two story

    8 September 2019

  • hayden johansen

    Tell use how do you make the second floor!!

    6 September 2019

  • Allyson Williams

    How did you make a second floor? I watched a youtube video but couldn't do it and I have to do it for a project in school

    6 September 2019

  • Criccri Cri Liguori @ Criccri Cri Liguori

    sorry, i don't want say how to build a second floor bat i want learn ho do it

    30 August 2019

  • Criccri Cri Liguori

    hi. i m an italian girl and i want say how to build a second floor and after how can i change the second floor's texture. can you help me? thank you

    30 August 2019

  • Marcus Gregory @ Onyx

    @onyx what you do i click on the walls once made and on the right side youll see partial click on that make make it what ever hight u want

    29 August 2019

  • Emmanuel Yuchengco @ Onyx

    You can watch a video on youtube on how you can make the 2nd floor for this software.

    27 August 2019

  • Cdawg@))& ----[::::::::>

    This place is LIT! ✌👌

    23 August 2019

  • Onyx

    Hey, your design is amazing. I have a little doubt ... can two-story house designs be made? and if so, how are they made?
    Thanks greetings

    21 August 2019

  • Amali

    you search up a beam and the make it the size you want and then lif it and you have a second floor that is also how you make an outdoor balcony.

    19 August 2019

  • Emily Waugh

    How do you make two stories? And outdoor balconies?

    18 August 2019

  • Nikita Prescott

    I love this! The consistent cool colour scheme, the sleek design, it's not too busy. I'd love to see your take on the bathroom.

    18 August 2019

  • Sergio Arriarán

    So f*** cool!!!

    17 August 2019

  • Dominika Sass @ CynCyn Emerling

    Thank you very very much :*

    15 August 2019

  • CynCyn Emerling

    I disagree with Metria. :) It looks sleek and clean and you can add color through throws and coffee mugs and little things you use daily. But keeping a clean look is always cool! :)

    15 August 2019

  • Metria

    I like the idea of your place but it could have more color it looks a little depressing

    14 August 2019

  • Dominika Sass @ Tully Rayner

    14 August 2019

  • Tully Rayner

    how do you add a second level??

    14 August 2019

  • Dominika Sass @ Tatiana Gageti .

    wall height: 5 m
    height of the second level: 2.3 m

    14 August 2019

  • Muka Muka @ Tatiana Gageti .

    14 August 2019

  • jeremy cristobal


    14 August 2019