HS for Beginners:Decorate Room(3/4)

Homestyler Official16 May

In this video, we'll show you how to quickly decorate your room in HomeStyler. 🏠🛋️🌲 Including how to add your favorite furniture, change the color of the walls and the texture of the floor, and more. In the matching process, we recommend you to use the material brush function (shortcut key: b), which will greatly shorten your design time and improve efficiency!⛽️💪🔧

0:00 Set Room Name

0:11 Replace Floor Texture

0:23 Use Material Brush

0:32 Replace Wall Color

0:58 Add Doors

1:04 Adjust Door Width and Height

1:14 Add Windows

1:19 Duplicate Windows

1:27 Filter Furniture by Color

1:33 Add, Rotate, and Resize Furniture

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