HS for Beginners:.Adjust Camera View(2/4)

Homestyler Official16 May

In this section we will introduce you to the different views in Homestyler.

0:00 Guide And Shortcuts For The 5 Views

0:34 Material Mode Settings

0:45 Show/Hide Walls In 3D View

0:59 Shortcut Keys For Camera Movement

🔧Different views and corresponding shortcut keys: 

 Plan view: 1;  Top view: 2;  3D view: 3;  Roaming view: 4;  elevation view: 5 

 🔧Shortcuts for camera movement in 3d view and walkthrough view:

➡️The letter "W" means the camera moves forward; the letter "S" moves backward. 

➡️ The letter "A" moves the camera left; the letter "D" moves right. 

➡️ Letter "Q" moves the camera up; letter "E" moves down.

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