【Team License】Flexible Account Management

Homestyler Official 9 December 2022

1, Log in to Homestyler Team License: https://team.homestyler.com/

2, As an admin, please go to "Admin Console" and click "Members".

3, As shown in the picture, you could invite your colleague to join the team by clicking "New Member".

4, After clicking, copy the link and send it to your colleauge(s) to join the team. Your colleague(s) need to register Homestyler account first before joining the team.

5, Once your colleagues join your team, you could find all the members in Admin Console "Members". You could assign roles to your team members according to your team management.

6, If some of your team members are leaving the team, you could delete their accounts in Team License.

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Greyvalley Studios 29 May
How can you cancel the Team Subscription?
KINETTE 3 February
et comment ca se passe si je veux diminuer le nombre de membre dans ma team