【Team License】Team members can edit the same project NOW!

Homestyler Official25 October


To massively improve the collaborative experience, we finally launched the feature that team members can work on the same design project. Let's take a look!

Step 1 Assign Members Participating

The team admin has the right to assign members to participate in the same design case.

Step 2 Choose Permissions

The admin can add permissions to team members as needed: option 1, "Edit" - members can edit and render the design; option 2, "Read Only" - members can view the design.

Step 3 Edit On The Same Project

Go back to "My Space", click "Collaborated with me", find the design, and edit. Now the members can edit the same project!

Currently, Team License cannot allow two members to edit the same design at the same time. If one member is working on the design and at the same time the others open the design, our tool will indicate that "As one member is editing this design, you can only view, render or export images or drawings."

Now experience the new feature by yourself, visit the link to log in to team version: https://team.homestyler.com/

If you have any questions or other features you would like us to improve, please feel free to leave a message!

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