Add new“Generic 2.0” lighting for both day&night,and more

Homestyler Official18 August 2021

1.Add new "Generic 2.0" Lighting Template for both indoor and outdoor scenes

The Generic 2.0 lighting template has optimized common lighting overexposure problems, improved the realism of rendering effects, and has been compatible with BOTH indoor and outdoor rendering scenes.


1)Select the Render button on the top and select the "Normal Image" type to enter the rendering interface.

2) Select "Generic 2.0" template in the Lighting panel on the left to render.

2.Add more Exterior Images for rendering

Add 9 daytime exterior images, including street, square and natural scenery exterior types, to make your rendering more realistic and natural (Note: 4 exterior images are only applicable to the General 2.0 lighting template)


After entering the rendering interface, select the "Generic 2.0" template in the Lighting panel on the left. You can choose an appropriate exterior template to render your design.

3.Add 6 Aspect Ratios for aerial/top view rendering

Enter "Render" and select Aerial/Top view. On the left side, you can choose the aspect ratio of these two types to meet the different rendering needs.

4.Add 4 Environment Colors for aerial/top view rendering

Enter "Render" and select Aerial/Top view. Select the desired environment color in the "Environment" on the left to render.

5.Add Ortho Projection and Camera Angle for top view rendering

The orthogonal function of the top view can quickly help us to adjust a satisfactory top view angle and effectively avoid the problem of the tilt of the top view.

(The difference between the perspective and the orthogonal view is: in the perspective view (the default), objects which are far away are smaller than those nearby. In the orthographic view, all objects appear at the same scale.)


Enter "Render" and  switch to Top view, turn on "Ortho Projection" on the right, and enter the angle in "Camera Angle" below.

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pureoasisinteriors5 September 2022
Why do the renderings look more cartoonish? It used to look more realistic. Even when I choose 4K and "Super Realistic Render, it doesn't look realistic, as it did in the past.
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