【Team License】How to efficiently manage projects?

Homestyler Support5 May 2022

What's New:

There are always several projects going on for a team of designers, therefore, the team license now supports setting up groups to manage team space and my space. Here are the steps:

Step 1:Enter team version: https://team.homestyler.com/

Step 2:  Find the tab "Team Space", and then

1, Create a "New Folder" and name it;

2, Click "Batch Select";

3, Select one or more projects to add to your newly named folder;

4, Click "Save" to save the project;

5, If you want to remove a design from the folder, you could enter the folder, select the design, and click the "Remove" button; if you want to move a design to another folder, click the "Move" button to move it to the new folder you select;

6, Regarding the folders, you could choose to rename them, delete them or add a new folder as a sub-folder to it;

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