Lighting template for custom furniture,and more

Homestyler Official28 March 2022

1.Add the Cabinetry lighting template

Cabinetry lighting template can automatically add fill lights in the cabinet, solve the problem of dimness in the cabinet, and improve the overall texture and effect of the cabinet.image.png

2.Support viewing renders in the custom lighting interface

In this update, you can now view "Image Reference" in the manual lighting interface, to help you quickly customize lighting by referring to pictures.


1)Enter the manual lighting interface by clicking the "Add lights" option in the rendering interface, then click "Image Reference" in the upper right corner, select a rendered image as the reference, and use the mouse to select the top of the image window to move the reference window position.image.png

3.The VR mode can now be opened for the web browser on desktop

1)Go to the album by clicking "Image“, switch to panoramas, and click "View in New Tab"


2)In the settings, turn on the "VR" mode, so that you can connect your VR devices with your computer and interact with the panoramic virtual room tour.image.png

4.Add a new 2:1 aspect ratio for normal rendering

Enter the rendering interface for normal images, select the aspect ratio, and now you can render with a 2:1 ratio.image.png

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