View or search tutorials when design,and more

Homestyler Official28 March 2022

1.View or search tutorials when design

A new tutorial entry has been added to the design interface, so that you could easily watch and follow the tutorial while doing the design.

When you encounter problems during design, you can click the "Tutorial" button in the upper right corner. You can select different modules to find tutorials, or search with keywords to find tutorials.image.png

2.Optimize the view manager with display settings

From the top toolbar, click the "View" and you will see the following two options:

1)Display Settings: you can adjust the display setting here to determine whether these elements are displayed or not displayed under the design interface or the canvas. Please be aware that all the settings here will only affect the view under the design interface to facilitate detailed design, and all the models (except for those that are hidden) will still appear in the rendering.


2)Hidden Items: You can manage the hidden items here. You could show all hidden items at once, or show some hidden items by ticking or unticking the item list. Noted that the hidden items will not be displayed in the view, nor will they be rendered.image.png

3.Add import tips for uploading CAD files as floor plan

1)Go to the "Create Room" catalog and click "Import floor plan", then click "Upload DWG".image.png

2)Before importing a dwg file, please follow the official instructions to carefully check the imported file to avoid import failure due to format or drawing errors.image.png

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Tunde Kormoczi15 April 2022
Bill of materials isn't working. :(
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