How to generate sliding door to closet in Custom Furniture?

Homestyler Official24 January 2022

In the "Custom Furniture" interface, when you finish designing the closet and would like to add doors to it, you could hover on the "Generate" option and click "Sliding Door".移门生成1.gif

After you enter the sliding door generation interface, you could select one generation mode. In this tutorial, we choose the "Select the cabinet to generate" option.移门生成3.gif

Then select the cabinet, enter the number of sliding doors you want to generate and the interlace or staggered method of sliding door in the "Parameter"  of the right property panel. After setting, click "Generate" below to generate the sliding doors. When the sliding door is generated, you can select the sliding door and adjust its parameters or style in the right property panel.移门生成2.gif

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rosa castello17 May 2022
Cuando realizo todo al final no me aparece en la pantalla el poder "volver" ("complete silding door generation") en la parte superior izquierda, no puedo salir de la pantalla.
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