How to generate a side waterfall countertop in Custom Furniture?

Homestyler Official24 January 2022

In the Custom Furniture interface, after you finish placing the cabinets or closets, hover the "Generate" option from the top and click "Countertop" to enter the countertop generation interface.如何生成台面和测台面1.gif

Select the "Straight Line" from the top to draw the countertop area. 手动绘制台面1.gif

When finish drawing, click to select the side where you want to generate the side waterfall, then click "Waterfall Countertop-From Floor". You will see the waterfall countertop shape in the blue area. Then click "Generate" to complete the generation. Afterward, you could select the countertop and further edit its parameters and material in the right property panel.


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Mueni Mutuku16 May 2022
i do not have the waterfall countertop option. Kindly help.
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