How to render a panorama?

Homestyler Official18 January 2022

Click "Render" above to enter the rendering interface. From the top row, you can switch different rendering types.

To render a panorama, simply switch to "Panorama" from the top to enter the panorama interface. In this interface, set up the "Resolution", "Aspect Ratio", and "Lighting" correspondingly,  and then adjust the camera view. You can directly drag the camera position in the central window, and adjust the height and pitch angle from the right panel. After which, simply click "Render" below to submit the rendering. You can click on "Images" from the upper right corner, where you could find the rendering progress and the final renders in the album.如何创建全景图.gif

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Mustafa Mahmud28 August 2022
I finished the design and I want to save panorama as an 8K but when I am downloading it's coming with 2000X1000 so this resolution is not working well on Facebook how i can download it with 8K resolution
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Iris Ginossar21 July 2022
Does it takes time to see the imqages? i dont have images
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